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17. December 2014
NetJapan and Kroll Ontrack announce global strategic partnership

9. December 2014
Year in Review: How data security dominated the data recovery conversation in 2014

4. December 2014
Kroll Ontrack responds to customer demand for unbundled document review services with new European facility in the heart of London’s legal district

19. November 2014
Kroll Ontrack announces the worst data disasters from 2014

12. November 2014
Growth in demand for local ediscovery services boosts success for Kroll Ontrack’s new data centre in Germany

11. November 2014
Kroll Ontrack helps SanDisk SSD customers get back up and running

4. November 2014
Kroll Ontrack fundamentally changes SQL Server table restores with the launch of Ontrack PowerControls for SQL

15. October 2014
4.6 million employees lose employer data due to malfunctioning personal technology

7. October 2014
Four in five IT managers are unaware of upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation

30. September 2014
Lack of IT policy on devices putting companies at risk says Kroll Ontrack

16. September 2014
Kroll Ontrack demonstrates successful data recoveries with multiple helium-filled hard drives

2. September 2014
Kroll Ontrack improves Apple mobile device data recovery success by 60 per cent

12. August 2014
Kroll Ontrack announces new version of its proprietary Remote Data Recovery service

6. August 2014
Accidental deletion top cause for email restoration requests

30. July 2014
Kroll Ontrack announces data recovery capabilities for VMware Virtual SAN

11. June 2014
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) crashes remain the leading cause of data loss in the UK

28. May 2014
Kroll Ontrack expands its support for externalised storage and shredded files to StorSimple SharePoint Database Optimiser

15. May 2014
Kroll Ontrack warns that keeping your dark data (tapes) in good standing requires a strategy beyond hope

10. April 2014
Kroll Ontrack and Blancco form strategic alliance to offer expanded data erasure solutions

27. March 2014
Survey: More people back up their data in 2014, but still lose it

19. February 2014
Data recovery and data migration services key drivers of business growth for resellers in 2014

12. February 2014
Technology Breakthrough Cuts Industry’s Data Recovery Time on Encrypted Hard Drives from Days to Hours

29. January 2014
Kroll Ontrack predicts top data recovery challenges for 2014

22. January 2014
Kroll Ontrack addresses externalised content storage – including shredded files – and live mailbox collection with Ontrack PowerControls 7.1

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