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E-disclosure must be considered for BYOD

Category: Electronic Disclosure

22 May, 2012

Well managed data is a valuable asset when it comes to electronic disclosure.

With the rising popularity of Bring Your Own Device Schemes, businesses need to look at how they control and maintain information on personal mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

"Firstly look at recoverability - you need [data] to be backed up," said Andy Brewerton, country manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland at Evault.com.

If information is only available on one device which the company does not own, it becomes more difficult to locate during e-discovery processes.

"You need a technology that can effectively back up any kind of device you allow within your bring your own device (BYOD) policy," Mr Brewerton suggested.

This was something echoed by Lynn Dummett, senior vice president and senior counsel at Allianz Global Investors and former litigation partner at Sidley Austin on an expert panel in the US.

She said that policies must be in place that explain all company information on personal devices must be provided, Law.com reported.

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