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Major data breach was ongoing for 18 months

Category: Computer Investigations

19 September, 2014

New information on a major breach that was uncovered back in July has indicated that the systems that were accessed may have been compromised for a total of 18 months. Furthermore, while it was thought that just Goodwill Industries had suffered the breach, it now appears that two more companies hav... read more>>

Consequences of the Home Depot data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

17 September, 2014

Data security incidents seem to be getting larger and larger as time goes on, and as the scale of a breach increases so does its seriousness. The latest major occurrence saw Home Depot's servers broken into, which may have led to 60 million credit card numbers being stolen, according to a sourc... read more>>

Millions of Google passwords released - but should you be worried?

Category: Computer Investigations

12 September, 2014

With all of the data thefts and online security breaches occurring in recent months, particularly high-profile ones affecting millions of people, it is no surprise that many are beginning to worry about their online safety. As such, the recent announcement that millions of Gmail passwords had been ... read more>>

Home Depot suffers data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

11 September, 2014

Yet another major company has fallen victim to the seeming wave of cybercrime that appears to be hitting businesses worldwide. The victim this time is Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, which has confirmed that it has suffered a major data breach. According to a press... read more>>

Gardai inadvertently releases sensitive data

Category: Computer Investigations

2 September, 2014

While many data breaches occur because of cybercriminals spreading malware or exploiting breaches in computer systems, some are the result of nothing more than standard human error. This has proven once again to be the case in a recent incident in Ireland, where over 1,500 people's email addres... read more>>

Has Dairy Queen suffered a data breach?

Category: Computer Investigations

1 September, 2014

One of the most worrying aspects of data security is the fact that a business tends not to realise it has fallen victim to cybercriminals until long after the crime actually happens. A flaw in a company's servers or a nasty piece of malware could sit unnoticed for weeks, even months, allowing h... read more>>

Have US financial firms been hit by a cyber attack?

Category: Computer Investigations

28 August, 2014

Rumours are abound about the data security of several major US financial firms, after hints that they may have been hit by a massive cyber attack. The FBI is investigating several incidents, which suggests that something major has occurred, but the organisations that may be involved are keeping tig... read more>>

Sony hit by DDoS attack

Category: Computer Investigations

26 August, 2014

Electronics giant Sony has been hit by a large scale cyber attack from a group that appears to have targeted several online gaming platforms. The company denies that any data was stolen in the attack, but its video gaming service the Playstation Network had to be taken offline in order to fix the p... read more>>

UPS falls victim to data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

22 August, 2014

The United Parcel Service (UPS) Store, one of the globe's largest international messenger firms, has reported that it has become the latest in a long line of major companies to fall victim to cybercrime. The business announced a data breach on Wednesday (August 20th) that may have exposed finan... read more>>

UK businesses clueless about new EU data protection regulations

Category: Computer Investigations

20 August, 2014

Last month, the European Commission voted for a new policy that has the potential to change how businesses across the EU respond to cybercrime. Essentially, it will see data protection rules standardised across all EU member states so that organisations have a clear idea about how to respond to bre... read more>>

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