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Office reveals personal data after hack

Category: Legal Technologies

20 January, 2015

High street shoe retailer Office is working to improve its data protection measures after personal information was stolen from its network. The sensitive details of more than one million customers were exposed during the incident, where a hacker managed to access customers’ contact informa... read more>>

KPMG: Cybersecurity should be priority for corporate boards

Category: Legal Technologies

19 January, 2015

Cybersecurity should be a key priority for corporate boards across the UK, a new study has suggested. A survey by KPMG LLP found that fewer than 40 per cent of board members in the FTSE 350 Index identified cyber attacks as a more serious danger than other potential hazards.  Nearly thre... read more>>

France hit by 19,000 cyber attacks since Paris attack

Category: Legal Technologies

16 January, 2015

France has been hit by 19,000 hacking incidents since the Charlie Hebdo offices were attacked last week.  According to Arnaud Coustilliere, head of cyberdefense for the French military, well-established Islamic hacker groups carried out some of the online attacks, though Anonymous were the ... read more>>

Cyber attack forces game cancellation

Category: Legal Technologies

14 January, 2015

A cyber attack has caused a game developer to cancel the development of a new title featuring Kim Jong-un.  The title is called Glorious Leader and focused on the North Korean leader taking on the American army. However, Money Horse Games has now shut down development after criminals termin... read more>>

Eye care company warned over nuisance messages

Category: Legal Technologies

13 January, 2015

An eye care company has been warned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to stop nuisance text messages after over 4,600 complaints were made. These concerns were aired in less than seven months, with the unsolicited messages being reported to the Spam Reporting Service as none o... read more>>

Northumbria Police urge residents to be e-safe

Category: Legal Technologies

12 January, 2015

Northumbria Police has urged residents to be safe when it comes to cyber security.  With technology improving significantly over the last few years, the way people communicate and shop online has changed drastically, meaning companies and individuals need to be more careful with their data.... read more>>

EU data protection deal may wait until 2016

Category: Legal Technologies

9 January, 2015

The European Union (EU) has claimed that a new data protection deal may not be finalised until next year. The introduction of new legislation is proving to be difficult, as the commission has been unable to reach an agreement with parliament and council following the presentation of proposals in... read more>>

FBI: Sony hackers were sloppy

Category: Legal Technologies

8 January, 2015

The hackers that breached Sony's network accidentally sent messages that could be linked to IP addresses used only in North Korea.  In a speech at the International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University, FBI director James Comey noted that the hackers tried to use proxy com... read more>>

Sony offers discounts following Playstation Network breach

Category: Legal Technologies

7 January, 2015

Sony has offered discounts to gamers after the Playstation Network was hacked before Christmas. The issue was caused by the Lizard Squad hacking group for four days across Christmas, but the hackers took the gaming service offline, stopping new users from connecting and registering their Playsta... read more>>

Call centre workers fired after data breach

Category: Legal Technologies

6 January, 2015

A number of workers at a call centre in Londonderry have been suspended in what sales union FirstSource has described as an unprecedented data breach incident. It is unknown how many employees have been suspended, but reports suggest it could be around 100 out of the total workforce of 1,120, ac... read more>>

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