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12345 is worst password for personal accounts

Category: Legal Technologies

23 February, 2015

“12345” and “password” are two of the worst passwords found in a recent study. Research from SplashData identified qwerty, dragon and football as three of the other worst phrases to be used for security purposes, while simple numerical passwords were also common. Some ... read more>>

ICO: Cookies can last almost 8,000 years

Category: Legal Technologies

19 February, 2015

A cookie can possibly last 7,984 years, with British websites providing more information than any other country, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The study included an automated and manual examination of 478 websites by eight privacy regulators from European Articl... read more>>

Charnwood Borough Council admits security breaches

Category: Legal Technologies

17 February, 2015

Charnwood Borough Council has suffered a number of data breaches, with sensitive information exposed on the site. Data revealed on the website includes lists of people who had signed up for a swimming scheme and individuals who were placed on a waiting list for allotments, according to the Lough... read more>>

Facebook launches ThreatExchange platform

Category: Legal Technologies

13 February, 2015

Facebook has launched its new ThreatExchange platform in a bid to improve communication between firms regarding cyber attacks. The new channel was launched by the social media giant on Tuesday (February 10th), with the idea being formed a year ago when a number of internet companies worked toget... read more>>

Businesses don’t understand data rights for dementia patients, study suggests

Category: Legal Technologies

12 February, 2015

Just 22 per cent of people affected by dementia believe businesses understand people’s rights relating to the Lasting Power of Attorney.  This is according to a poll by the Alzheimer’s Society, which was carried out in conjunction with the launch of a new booklet offering advice... read more>>

Cheshire East Council criticised for ineffective data protection measures

Category: Legal Technologies

11 February, 2015

Cheshire East Council has been criticised for revealing private emails to the public.  Staff at the authority sent an email to 300 people who registered an interest in the FairerPower initiative via the council’s website, but the names of these individuals were not kept hidden from ot... read more>>

Researcher releases millions of usernames and passwords

Category: Legal Technologies

10 February, 2015

A researcher has revealed ten million usernames and passwords gathered from data breaches over the course of the last ten years. This information comes from breaches at businesses including Adobe and Sratfor. This data has been published and can be easily located through Google searches.  ... read more>>

UK govt investigates police data loss

Category: Legal Technologies

9 February, 2015

A data loss case is now being investigated after two discs of information relating to confidential police inquiries have gone missing. The probes were set up to identify how police were involved in the deaths of three men: Robert Hamill, Azelle Rodney and Mark Duggan. Officials became aware of t... read more>>

Sony movie studio co-chair steps down after cyber attacks

Category: Legal Technologies

6 February, 2015

Amy Pascal, the co-chair of Sony’s movie studio has stepped down following a recent cyber attack disclosing her private emails.  Ms Pascal will now start a production company in May this year and has apologised profusely for some of the revelations that came out of the leaked informat... read more>>

Oracle fixes Hyperion security issue

Category: Legal Technologies

6 February, 2015

Oracle has issued a patch to fix a number of bugs in its Hyperion Product Management software. The fixes will address flaws in the Hyperion Planning element of the application, but has not revealed any information about the repairs to non-registered customers. Speaking to V3, TK Ke... read more>>

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