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Data stolen from cosmetic surgery

Category: Computer Forensics

17 April, 2014

The prestigious Harley Medical Group, a leading cosmetic surgery, has been hacked. The personal data of around 480,000 people was taken from the surgery and it is thought the the hackers' plan was to use the details for blackmail. The data came from Harley Medical Group's initial inquiry... read more>>

CRA is first major victim of Heartbleed

Category: Computer Investigations

16 April, 2014

The Heartbleed bug, which has left servers worldwide vulnerable to a security flaw that leaves passwords available to be stolen, has been officially listed as the cause of a large-scale data theft incident. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has reported the loss of around 900 social insurance numb... read more>>

UK lender has action taken against it following data theft

Category: Computer Investigations

14 April, 2014

The UK-based lender Standard Chartered PLC has made changes  to its systems to prevent data theft, after the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) revealed it has taken "appropriate supervisory actions" against the firm over the data theft of some of its private-banking clients' ... read more>>

Internet users urged to change passwords

Category: Computer Investigations

10 April, 2014

The heartbleed bug that was discovered recently has caused a major crisis in internet security, as it emerged that it left millions of online accounts potentially vulnerable to data theft. This has occurred due to a flaw that lets people steal cryptographic keys, allowing them access to passwords a... read more>>

Software bug causes major data theft risk

Category: Computer Investigations

9 April, 2014

A new threat to worldwide cybersecurity has been discovered, as a bug that allows hackers to easily steal cryptographic keys has been found by computing experts. The 'Heartbleed' bug affects web servers running the 'OpenSSL' package, and could be used to access personal information.... read more>>

Germany investigating massive international password theft

Category: Computer Investigations

7 April, 2014

German cybersecurity officials are investigating a massive data theft that has seen around 18 million passwords for email accounts stolen. Authorities from Verden, in northern Germany, discovered the hoard of information less than three months after a similar incident. While around 18 million em... read more>>

US investigating Experian data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

4 April, 2014

Experian Plc is being investigated after a data breach at one of the firm's subsidiaries exposed the social security numbers of around 200 million people, which were searched over three million times. A Vietnamese man has already confessed to the crime, but attorneys general from several sta... read more>>

UK launches cybersecurity team

Category: Computer Forensics

3 April, 2014

The UK has launched its own cybersecurity team in a bid to deal with data breaches and thefts of great significance. The UK's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UK) will manage and coordinate the country's cybersecurity defence. At CERT-UK's launch, cabinet office minister Franci... read more>>

Banks pull out of Target data theft lawsuit

Category: Computer Investigations

2 April, 2014

With details still unclear following the massive data breach at Target in late 2013, two banks have pulled out of a lawsuit suing the retailer. New York's Trustmark National Bank and Houston's Green Bank NA have dismissed their cases "without prejudice to refiling". The two ban... read more>>

Customers insulted by low compensation after data theft

Category: Computer Investigations

1 April, 2014

Barclays Bank has endured harsh criticism from its customers after they were affected by an incidence of data theft. Over 2,000 customers were affected when details of their earnings, savings, health issues and insurance policies were stolen. The details were sold off to brokers, who then began ... read more>>

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