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Have US financial firms been hit by a cyber attack?

Category: Computer Investigations

28 August, 2014

Rumours are abound about the data security of several major US financial firms, after hints that they may have been hit by a massive cyber attack. The FBI is investigating several incidents, which suggests that something major has occurred, but the organisations that may be involved are keeping tig... read more>>

Sony hit by DDoS attack

Category: Computer Investigations

26 August, 2014

Electronics giant Sony has been hit by a large scale cyber attack from a group that appears to have targeted several online gaming platforms. The company denies that any data was stolen in the attack, but its video gaming service the Playstation Network had to be taken offline in order to fix the p... read more>>

UPS falls victim to data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

22 August, 2014

The United Parcel Service (UPS) Store, one of the globe's largest international messenger firms, has reported that it has become the latest in a long line of major companies to fall victim to cybercrime. The business announced a data breach on Wednesday (August 20th) that may have exposed finan... read more>>

UK businesses clueless about new EU data protection regulations

Category: Computer Investigations

20 August, 2014

Last month, the European Commission voted for a new policy that has the potential to change how businesses across the EU respond to cybercrime. Essentially, it will see data protection rules standardised across all EU member states so that organisations have a clear idea about how to respond to bre... read more>>

Charities without BYOD policies are at risk

Category: Computer Investigations

18 August, 2014

Bring your own device (BYOD) is the newest craze in employment, and it looks set to become huge. Essentially, all it means is that employees use their own computers, smartphones and tablets rather than relying on the technology available in an office. This has many advantages for both a business... read more>>

Supervalu discovers possible data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

15 August, 2014

Shoppers at the US supermarket chain 'Supervalu' may need to take steps to ensure their identities are safe, as the retailer has announced it is investigating a possible data breach. The Minneapolis-based chain, which has 3,320 stores across the US, says it has the situation under control. ... read more>>

Data breaches and theft 'inevitable'?

Category: Computer Investigations

14 August, 2014

The rise of high-profile data breaches in the last year or so has shown how fast the frequency of a crime can grow if left unchecked. Unfortunately, after one major data theft was uncovered it seems to have given other cybercriminals the confidence to attempt their own online heist. More and mor... read more>>

New report shows extent of data breaches in 2014

Category: Computer Investigations

13 August, 2014

Data breaches, especially the large-scale attacks that see millions of customers' data stolen, are becoming more common. They can be incredibly harmful to a company's reputation, as well as potentially costing them vast amounts of money to clean up. As such, it is important to keep up with ... read more>>

Target reveals cost of data breach

Category: Computer Investigations

8 August, 2014

Data breaches are always harmful to the companies involved. However, it is sometimes difficult to gauge exactly how much. Massive data breaches involving the theft of hundreds of thousands - or even millions - of details are still relatively uncommon, so there is not a lot of data to go on. Howe... read more>>

How did the CyberVor hack occur?

Category: Computer Investigations

7 August, 2014

The cybersecurity world was sent reeling on Tuesday (August 5th) with the announcement that the largest data theft so far had been uncovered. It seems that around 500 million people have had their credentials stolen, with the total number of records obtained totalling over 4.5 billion. A Russian... read more>>

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