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UPMC suffers 4th breach in 3 years

Category: Legal Technologies

17 July, 2015

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC) has experienced its fourth data breach in three years. In the latest incident, 722 members’ protected health information may have been exposed when a file including the data was sent to the wrong email address. The beach was identified on ... read more>>

Chris Froome data hack investigated

Category: Legal Technologies

16 July, 2015

Team Sky are investigating a potential data breach amid claims that hackers have tried to steal data from Tour de France leader Chris Froome. The cyclist has experienced sustained scrutiny since he won the event in 2013, with some critics accusing him of taking drugs to enhance his performance i... read more>>

Stolen Barclays data recovered from south coast of England

Category: Legal Technologies

15 July, 2015

Data stolen from Barclays in 2008 has been recovered from police in the south coast of England. According to the Scottish Herald, the bank confirmed that it is offering compensation to 2,000 Barclays customers after personal data was discovered on a USB memory device on the south coast of Englan... read more>>

Accenture: Usernames and passwords are cumbersome

Category: Legal Technologies

14 July, 2015

Many consumers believe usernames and passwords are not an effective way of guaranteeing internet security, research shows. Findings from Accenture show that 77 per cent of respondents were interested in exploring alternatives to keep their private information away from cyber criminals, while 60 ... read more>>

Edinburgh City Council data breach exposes 13,000 emails

Category: Legal Technologies

13 July, 2015

Edinburgh City Council has revealed that a data breach has exposed 13,000 email addresses. Hackers were able to bypass the security of the council’s website service provider on July 3rd, with 13,134 addresses being stolen in total. However, the ICO did not confirm whether it would launch a... read more>>

Federal data breach impacts 7% of Americans

Category: Legal Technologies

10 July, 2015

A federal data breach has affected seven per cent of Americans, equating to 21.5 million people. The US Office of Personnel Management confirmed on Thursday that a massive data breach compromised the sensitive information of 21.5 million people, including social security numbers for current and ... read more>>

Wigan resident receives confidential tax documents

Category: Legal Technologies

9 July, 2015

A Wigan resident recently received confidential tax documents as a result of a civil service mix up. Local homeowner Barron Roberts signalled the alarm after being sent a bundle containing a dozen forms with personal information relating to borough households through the post this week., accordi... read more>>

US announces new Cybersecurity Leadership Council

Category: Legal Technologies

8 July, 2015

The US chamber of commerce has announced a new Cybersecurity Leadership Council to bring together companies looking to improve practice in the sector. The council will act as the Chamber’s representatives for cybersecurity plans, recommending best practices and pushing for the development ... read more>>

Hacking Team breach reveals weak passwords

Category: Legal Technologies

7 July, 2015

Hacking Team, which specialises in helping governments monitor data has been breached by an unidentified team of hackers. The incident led to internal files being uploaded to an account on Mega. Measured at 400 GB, the upload includes emails, sensitive documents, source code and customer details... read more>>

Stevenage Borough Council to improve data protection knowledge after breach

Category: Legal Technologies

6 July, 2015

Stevenage Borough Council has vowed to improve data protection knowledge after a breach recently occurred at the authority.  The Comet reported that, in April, councillor Matthew Hurst received a letter from council leader Sharon Taylor, which questioned the political motive behind his requ... read more>>

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