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New Google tool aims to boost password security

Category: Legal Technologies

20 May, 2015

Google has introduced a new tool for its Chrome browser in a bid to improve password security for users. Google’s new Password Alert tool warns people when they have entered their password into a non-Google site. Its aim is not to judge whether sites are malicious. Instead, it wants to mak... read more>>

Rombertik virus shuts down PCs

Category: Legal Technologies

19 May, 2015

The Rombertik virus has sparked worry across the internet, with the virus avoiding detection by making computers unusable.  Rather than usual viruses, which can often be identified and removed using anti-virus software, the Rombertik malware resists being found and can steal login data and ... read more>>

Costa Coffee warns over data breach

Category: Legal Technologies

15 May, 2015

Costa Coffee has warned customers that it may have suffered a security breach. In light of the news, the brand has reset passwords for all of its Coffee Club accounts and will introduce a “new format” for users’ passwords to help ensure improved data security for customers, acc... read more>>

Fax errors cause NHS Northumbria data breach

Category: Legal Technologies

14 May, 2015

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ordered the Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to improve its management of patients’ information. This action comes after the trust accidentally sent five faces featuring information relating to the care of several patients to... read more>>

ICO reviews children’s websites

Category: Legal Technologies

13 May, 2015

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has started a review of websites and apps used by young children amid security concerns. The action was taken to take privacy concerns into account and ensure that personal information is collected safely and without compromising the confidential... read more>>

EU and US set to sign data protection agreement

Category: Legal Technologies

12 May, 2015

The European Union and the US are expected to sign a new data protection agreement. The deal would relate to information that changes hands during criminal matters, with negotiations ongoing since 2010 and the arrangement is set to protect personal data transferred during transatlantic cooperati... read more>>

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas data theft reveals card details

Category: Legal Technologies

11 May, 2015

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas has suffered a cyber attack that revealed a number of names, credit card numbers and CVV codes. The breach ran from September 3rd 2014 to April 3rd 2015 and impacted many of the resort’s retail and service locations, such as shops, restaurants and cafes in the est... read more>>

Criminal data breaches surpass accidental incidents, study shows

Category: Legal Technologies

8 May, 2015

Criminal data breaches have now exceeded accidental incidents in the healthcare sector for the first time ever, a new study has found. Research from Ponemon found that, over the last two years, 91 per cent of healthcare organisations recorded at least one breach, while 39 per cent recorded two t... read more>>

Notts police officer pleads guilty to Data Protection Act breach

Category: Legal Technologies

8 May, 2015

A police officer from the Nottingham Police and Crime Commissioner’s office has pleaded guilty to breaching the Data Protection Act. Amy Evans, aged 37, was previously a personal assistant to Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping and was a member of the force’s staff in the pas... read more>>

iOS app users vulnerable to data theft

Category: Legal Technologies

7 May, 2015

iOS app users are vulnerable to data theft due to weaknesses in mobile security, making it easy for cyber criminals to access personal data.  Information accessed by hackers included passwords, bank account numbers and home addresses. Many companies have released apps that have been affecte... read more>>

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