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Big Brother Watch: Better health data security is needed

Category: Legal Technologies

18 November, 2014

The security of health data needs to improve, according to civil liberties pressure group Big Brother Watch.  The group made this statement after research revealed the NHS has suffered six data breaches a day on average for the last three years, highlighting the poor level of security acros... read more>>

Northants police launch new cyber security office

Category: Legal Technologies

17 November, 2014

Northamptonshire Police has launched a new cyber crime unit to improve how digital offences are handled across the county. The new unit aims to improve measures against hacking, phishing, identity theft, viruses and the sharing of indecent images. Some 28 officers will work at the premises to ex... read more>>

Pharmacist punished by ICO after stealing medical records

Category: Legal Technologies

14 November, 2014

A pharmacist working for the West Sussex Primary Care Trust has been penalised by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after accessing medical data.  Family members, work colleagues and health professionals all had their medical records stolen by Harkanwarjit Dhanju, who was pr... read more>>

Company director fined for accessing EE database

Category: Legal Technologies

13 November, 2014

A company director has been fined after unlawfully accessing the customer database of Everything Everywhere (EE).  Matthew Devlin, a 25-year-old director of three marketing and telecoms businesses, found details relating to customers’ mobile phone upgrades to send them marketing mater... read more>>

Kensington: BYOD can create bigger security dangers

Category: Legal Technologies

12 November, 2014

Over 70 per cent of enterprises believe bring your own device (BYOD) leads to significant security risks, a new study has suggested.  Some 59 per cent approve the devices for use despite the dangers posed by the technology, highlighting that companies could be putting their information in d... read more>>

Nottinghamshire Police website hacked

Category: Legal Technologies

11 November, 2014

The Nottinghamshire Police website has been hacked by a group named AnonGhost.  The force’s website was replaced with an image and the words Khilafah will Transform the World, while music such as Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells plays repeatedly.  The group announced &ldquo... read more>>

ICO: Organisations need to act against SQL injection

Category: Legal Technologies

10 November, 2014

Organisations should take action now in order to protect their data against SQL injection attacks, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has advised. Worldview Limited was fined £7,500 after a severe data breach, where vulnerability on the company’s website enabled cyber cr... read more>>

BT: Many businesses failing to protect data

Category: Legal Technologies

10 November, 2014

Many companies are failing to protect their data, making them more vulnerable to potential security breaches.  Research from BT has found that mobile security breaches have affected 41 per cent of UK organisations in the last year, but organisations are not taking adequate security measures... read more>>

Cyber crime warning issued by Bournemouth University

Category: Legal Technologies

6 November, 2014

A cyber security specialist from Bournemouth University has warned Dorset residents to act diligently against cyber crime. Dr Christopher Richardson, head of the university’s cyber security unit, has urged all residents and businesses to introduce measures to reduce their vulnerability onl... read more>>

PCI Security Standards Council announces new guidance

Category: Legal Technologies

5 November, 2014

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SCC)has outlined new security awareness guidance for companies.  It is hoped the advice will improve security awareness and teach staff how to protect sensitive payment information. The PCI SCC believes the general consensus in the industry ... read more>>

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