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Online risks bigger than threats in the real world

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12 April, 2012

Many adults are more concerned with online threats to data than they are with threats in the physical world, according to a new study by internet security firm Webroot.

Although 82 per cent of people believe it is risky to leave their car unlocked, a total of 85 per cent would not want to use a computer without security software.

Nearly as many people are concerned with sharing a password as they are with not wearing a seatbelt in a vehicle. Eighty-five per cent of people would be cautious about handing out their access information, compared to 87 per cent of people concerned with not wearing a seat belt.

Furthermore, people that open unknown email attachments are taking greater risks than someone who is willing to meet a stranger in person. Eighty-one per believe the former is a threat compared to 72 per cent of people concerned with the latter.

"It is encouraging to see that people are aware of the risks posed by online threats", said Jacques Erasmus, the chief information security officer at Webroot.

"Today's internet users share an increasing amount of personal information online, and cybercriminals target security loopholes and careless practices to carry out everything from credit fraud to identity theft."

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Posted by Paulie Phillips

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