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Lost mobiles put data at risk

Category: Data management

30 April, 2012

Losing mobile devices caused millions of people's personal and business data to fall into the wrong hands.

New research by Symantec found that in 2011 the most frequent cause of data breach which had the potential to result in identity theft was the loss or theft of mobile devices, this included smartphones, USB keys or backup technology.

The loss of data on these items had the potential to expose up to 18.5 million identities.

Furthermore, Symantec warned that as more people use tablets and smartphones as an integral part of their business, more identities will be at risk.

"Workers are bringing their smartphones and tablets into the corporate environment faster than many organisations are able to secure and manage them. This may lead to an increase in data breaches as lost mobile devices present risks to information if not properly protected," the report stated.

Steve Sarsfield, a data governance blogger and author, added that an increasingly connected world is generating even more data.

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Posted by Lucy Hill

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