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Good data management is essential during the Olympics

Category: Data management

30 April, 2012

Businesses should draw on social media to aid data management and promote continuity during the Olympics.

In an interview with Computer Weekly, Forrester principal analyst Andrew Rose said that the 2012 Games present a lot of new and completely different risks to those seen at previous events.

Being flexible with data management and keeping track of risks via social media is an excellent way to ensure that businesses continue to run smoothly.

"From research on the Beijing Olympics, a lot of the previous events do not map to the current world. Social media has changed. MySpace was bigger than Facebook four years ago. And the threats and risk are different. It is based in a different city. London is already packed, the infrastructure is not the most modern," said Mr Rose.

He warned that failing to be prepared could damage not just the reputation of individual businesses, but also the reputation of the UK as a business hub.

Data management and communication is critical to successful remote working.

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Posted by Paulie Phillips

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