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Customer data 'must be properly protected'

Category: Data recovery

15 July, 2014

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the sensitive customer data they hold is not placed at risk of loss or exposure, with a number of significant threats currently being seen by firms. Michael Geisler, regional head at Capillary Technologies, told Gulf News ensuring data security is becom... read more>>

Mobile data 'must be properly deleted'

Category: Data destruction

14 July, 2014

Effective data destruction practices should be carried out by businesses that provide mobile handsets to their staff. This is the view of Avast Software, which published a study showing that individuals typically fail to properly wipe the memory of these devices before they are sold on. Ava... read more>>

Scalability 'essential for data archiving growth'

Category: Data archiving

11 July, 2014

Businesses must ensure their data archiving platforms incorporate aspects of scalability, as the volume of information being managed by firms continues to grow. This is the view of research director at Gigaom Research Ashar Baig, who stated the amount of data being handled by private enterpris... read more>>

Digital risk issues forecast to increase

Category: Data recovery

10 July, 2014

The level of risk from new technologies to businesses is forecast to increase over the coming years, a new report from analyst Gartner has revealed. According to the organisation's 2014 CEO and Senior Executive Survey, data recovery policies may become increasingly important to business su... read more>>

DLP 'important for cloud systems'

Category: Data recovery

8 July, 2014

Data loss prevention (DLP) protocols must be successfully integrated into the use of cloud network infrastructure, a sector expert has claimed. Willy Leichter, senior director at CipherCloud, told CBR Online: "Every organisation has data it needs to protect ... When using cloud technology, ... read more>>

'React fast' when data recovery required

Category: Data recovery

7 July, 2014

Businesses hoping to recover lost files should not dilly-dally, as the longer they leave it, the less likely they are to be able to retrieve this data. This is the view of Alan Woodward, professor of computing at the University of Surrey, who told the Financial Times how in the event of accident... read more>>

'Collect and analyse' to ensure data security

Category: Data management

3 July, 2014

Organisations have been advised that they should "collect and analyse everything" they can when it comes to big data security. This is the recommendation that arose from analysis of a report by ESG Global, with the author Jon Oltsik noting that big data, cheap storage and cloud-based s... read more>>

Strategies to boost security 'must be comprehensive'

Category: Data recovery

2 July, 2014

Businesses keen to ensure they are doing all they can to prevent the need for potentially damaging data breaches should now be taking a more comprehensive approach to security than they have done in the past. Vice-president of global professional services at Avecto Andrew Avanessian stated there... read more>>

IT spending pace 'to increase in 2014'

Category: Data archiving

1 July, 2014

New figures published by Gartner as part of the organisation's latest IT Spending Outlook have highlighted a significant increase in investment in a range of business-critical areas this year. Overall data archiving and IT management budgets are forecast to increase by 2.1 per cent in comp... read more>>

Content-centric storage 'is the future'

Category: Data archiving

30 June, 2014

Businesses keen to ensure their data archiving policies are at the cutting edge might like to examine the benefits of a new approach to storage that places the onus on shareability and efficiency for data transfer. Co-founder and chief executive officer of Infinio Arun Agarwal told ITProPortal... read more>>

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