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Small businesses 'must shore up emergency plans'

Category: Data recovery

21 November, 2014

Smaller businesses must be prepared to face the consequences of emergency situations, such as data loss or security breaches, and this means taking the time to put together and testing disaster recovery scenarios. David Zimmerman, president of LC Technology International, told IT Busin... read more>>

Complex architecture means centralisation no longer viable

Category: Data recovery

20 November, 2014

The increasing complexity of IT architecture for many businesses means the operation of centralised applications to provide security and functionality may now be less efficient than in the past. Joe Skorupa, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, argued data recovery services cou... read more>>

Wearable electronics growth forecast

Category: Data recovery

19 November, 2014

Businesses planning to utilise big data to better inform their decision making in the coming years are set to receive a significant influx of new consumer data through the rollout of wearable electronics in the years ahead. IT industry analyst Gartner has predicted 68.1 million units of wea... read more>>

Recovery testing 'is critical to success'

Category: Data recovery

18 November, 2014

When it comes to the modern world of business, there is no doubt that we are much more reliant on technology than was once the case. We use it to communicate with colleagues and customers, transport goods and information across the world and make operations more efficient. One of these efficienc... read more>>

Shadow IT growth 'represents data recovery risk'

Category: Data recovery

18 November, 2014

A new piece of research has indicated the risk factor in terms of data recovery that comes from the increasing use of cloud computing. Gigaom Research and CipherCloud conducted the study, which aimed to unearth and make clear the concerns that firms should have when adopting cloud computing as... read more>>

BYOD can 'stretch IT budgets'

Category: Data recovery

17 November, 2014

Tablets could represent an efficient solution for businesses keen to embrace the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon in terms of improving flexibility for staff and boosting overall productivity. Federica Troni, research director at Gartner, stated IT budgets could be stretched by businesses... read more>>

Latency: An important aspect of data archiving efficiency

Category: Data archiving

14 November, 2014

Businesses need to develop a better understanding of the impact that poor connectivity could be having on their efficient transfer of data overall productivity. This is the view of Tim Lustig, product marketing manager for Brocade, who told Info World that effective data archiving requires low... read more>>

GDPR preparedness 'could be lacking'

Category: Data recovery

14 November, 2014

A new survey from IT vendor Ipswitch has highlighted a considerable lack of preparedness among European businesses regarding the upcoming implementation of the planned EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Reported by Tech Week Europe, the poll of more than 300 European IT prof... read more>>

Non-IT execs 'failing to understand security risks'

Category: Data recovery

13 November, 2014

New research published by NTT Com Security has highlighted a growing sense among non-IT executives that their business critical files are completely secure, when in actual fact this is unlikely to be the case. According to the organisation's findings - which drew on the responses of more tha... read more>>

Focused data recovery measures required

Category: Data recovery

12 November, 2014

Swift data recovery for business critical files is imperative in the event of a crisis, but many companies may have unrealistic goals for a full recovery. A recent survey carried out by Dimensional Research of IT and security professionals in the US and Canada revealed 90 per cent of responden... read more>>

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