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Almost a quarter of UK consumers would use a data-breached site

Category: Data management

21 December, 2015

A new study has revealed that most UK consumers would stop using a website after it had experienced a data breach. The poll of more than 500 UK consumers, commissioned by information and security management firm NTT Com Security, investigated consumer trust in online sites such as social network... read more>>

Companies urged to hire younger directors to combat cyber threat

Category: Data management

18 December, 2015

Companies in the UK are being urged to hire a younger generation of boardroom directors, in the belief that they are better equipped to tackle cyber threats than their older peers, according to City of London bosses polled by the Financial Times. The latest move follows from the growing number o... read more>>

EU sets stricter rules on data protection

Category: Data management

16 December, 2015

The EU has agreed on stricter regulations when it comes to data protection. On Tuesday (December 15th), the European Union agreed on the rules, which impose stricter sanctions on businesses. Companies found to be in breach of privacy rules could face fines of up to four per cent of their total g... read more>>

UK businesses more concerned about cyber threats than financial loss

Category: Data recovery

14 December, 2015

Data security breaches are so common among IT businesses in the UK that many firms have become rather blase about the financial costs they incur, and are instead more concerned about increased cyber threats, according to a report. The government's 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey, c... read more>>

UK receives 'C' grade for cybersecurity assurance

Category: Data management

10 December, 2015

When it comes to being ready to respond to cyber threats and assess security risks, the UK doesn't fare very well. In fact, a new global survey has revealed that information security professionals in the UK have received a 'C' grade for cybersecurity readiness. The 2016 Global Cybers... read more>>

Blurred lines between personal and corporate gadgets to cause headaches

Category: Data management

4 December, 2015

The continued blurring of the line between personally-owned gadgets and corporate devices is set to be one of the biggest security headaches facing businesses in 2016, a new report has claimed. According to Raytheon|Websense, the blurring of these boundaries is set to cause a great deal of frict... read more>>

Hacktivism set to be a focus in 2016, survey claims

Category: Data management

2 December, 2015

So-called 'hacktivists' who are looking to inflict reputational damage on a company or obtain information for blackmail purposes are set to be one of the biggest security threats facing businesses in 2016. This is according to Experian Data Breach Resolution's third annual Data Breac... read more>>

UK firms may struggle to recover from disruption, survey says

Category: Data recovery

30 November, 2015

Many companies in the UK may find themselves struggling to recover from business disruption brought about by IT problems like data loss and cyber attacks. This is according to a new study conducted by Quorum, which found that only one in three British firms (34 per cent) are confident in their a... read more>>

2015 the year of ransomware, declares IBM

Category: Data recovery

30 November, 2015

IBM has dubbed 2015 the 'year of ransomware', after it noted this is the most common type of incident that its security Emergency Response services teams have encountered since January. In the company's latest quarterly threat report, it stated that there is a widespread belief among... read more>>

Data breaches named as biggest corporate crisis threat

Category: Data recovery

27 November, 2015

A survey of businesses in Northern Ireland has revealed the majority of firms in the country regard data breaches as the biggest corporate crisis risk they face. The study, by law firm Pinsent Masons, revealed 83 per cent of organisations named the loss of corporate or customer data as their big... read more>>

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