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DR planning 'must be taken seriously'

Category: Data recovery

20 August, 2014

Companies wishing to safeguard their future operations must take the issue of disaster recovery (DR) planning seriously. IT Web reports chief technology officer at Attix5 Petrus Human recently told attendees of the Cloud World Forum 2014 in London that the issue of data loss is one that all comp... read more>>

Innovative thinking 'important for data recovery'

Category: Data recovery

20 August, 2014

Providing staff members with the tools and necessary training to be able to think on their feet and act decisively in emergency scenarios can hold the key to effective data recovery and maintaining a firm's competitive edge over the long-term. This is the view of Natalie Lehr, director of ... read more>>

Many cloud providers 'unprepared for Right to be Forgotten'

Category: Data destruction

19 August, 2014

The introduction of new Right to be Forgotten legislation within the EU could have far-reaching impact for many businesses, as new research has revealed the vast majority of cloud service providers are not adequately preparing for these new laws. Figures published by cloud company Skyhigh Networ... read more>>

Effective data recovery 'is a business essential'

Category: Data recovery

18 August, 2014

Companies operating in the modern business landscape must have an effective data recovery plan in place in case of emergency, as failure to adequately prepare can be the downfall of many a firm. A new whitepaper published by N-able Technologies has revealed the extent to which significant down... read more>>

SDS 'coming to the fore' in data archiving

Category: Data archiving

15 August, 2014

Chief executive officer of Gridstore George Symons made a series of predictions regarding developments in the global data storage sector during the first half of 2014 and now he has returned to see how well his prophecies fared. Mr Symons told Information Age that one of the biggest developments... read more>>

IT devices 'must be properly wiped'

Category: Data destruction

14 August, 2014

When it is time to recycle or replace existing IT infrastructure, businesses need to be aware of the importance of an effective data destruction and removal strategy. Gary Hilson of the EE Times states business leaders need to understand that simply formatting these devices will not be enough ... read more>>

Companies 'should assess clients for data risk'

Category: Data recovery

13 August, 2014

Companies should not only be examining their own IT infrastructure for potential data loss risks, but also assess their clients in order to properly safeguard essential business information. Shael Risman, founder and chief executive officer of PACE Technical Services of Toronto, told MSP Me... read more>>

Spending increases on cyber security in UK

Category: Data recovery

12 August, 2014

British companies spent more on IT security including firewall products last year, according to a new report published by Key Note. The analyst's document, seen by CRN ChannelWeb, found that £6.5 billion was invested in this area during 2013, an eight per cent growth on the previous ye... read more>>

SharePoint 'offers collaboration benefits'

Category: Data management

6 August, 2014

Businesses keen to boost the collaborative efforts of their staff have been encouraged to utilise video facilities available through Microsoft's SharePoint data management platform. Martin Nurser, an expert in channel and strategic alliance development and management, told Tech Radar how v... read more>>

Digital incompetence 'could cost businesses dearly'

Category: Data recovery

5 August, 2014

Companies that fail to adequately adapt to the rigours of the digital age could find themselves losing out to their competitors in the years ahead. This is the view of Allie Young, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, who stated firms now need to be focused on the implementation ... read more>>

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