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Automation 'key to data security'

Category: Data recovery

3 October, 2014

Businesses wishing to ensure their sensitive consumer and corporate information is kept as secure as possible should look to employ automated processes for data management. This is the view of David Zimmerman, chief executive officer at LC Technology International, who told Information Age that ... read more>>

Data protection 'must not be overlooked'

Category: Data destruction

2 October, 2014

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the security of files stored in their data centres is maintained at all times. Roger Keenan, managing director of data centre provider City Lifeline, told the Huffington Post that all consumers rely on the security protocols of businesses to protect the... read more>>

Growth in data 'could be a concern'

Category: Data recovery

1 October, 2014

Businesses across the globe are managing ever-increasing quantities of data and the level of growth in data management requirements could pose a problem for firms if they are not prepared. This is the view of vice-president of emerging technologies at DataDirect Networks Mike Vildibill, who told... read more>>

Frequent fliers express concern over data security

Category: Data management

30 September, 2014

Only a small minority of frequent fliers in the US are convinced about the security of their loyalty programme data, according to a new report by Deloitte & Touch.  The study revealed that just one-third of respondents felt reassured that travel companies would treat their information w... read more>>

More naked celebrity pictures published in fresh hack

Category: Data destruction

29 September, 2014

The celebrity pictures affair has continued with another release of hacked images of famous people, many of them naked. Both 4chan and Reddit were used to publish more pictures of famous individuals including actress Anna Kendrick, model Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lawrence. All 87 of the An... read more>>

Businesses 'losing trust in cloud security'

Category: Data management

26 September, 2014

Businesses are becoming increasingly less trusting of the data security capabilities of the cloud, a new survey has found.   A global poll by BT has found that while 70 per cent of IT decision makers are adopting the cloud to store data and facilitate web applications, their confidence in s... read more>>

Shellshock bug 'worse than heartbleed'

Category: Data destruction , Data management

25 September, 2014

A new bug said to be even more dangerous than Heartbleed has been discovered in a software component known as Bash, a part of many Linux operating systems and is also used in the Apple Mac. The flaw, which has been dubbed Shellshock, is worse than Heartbleed because while the previously discover... read more>>

Licensing costs hit NHS Trust BYOD plan

Category: Data management

24 September, 2014

An NHS trust has had to limit its new bring your own device (BYOD) scheme because the licensing costs it faces are so high. South Devon NHS Trust introduced the scheme in a bid to help staff retain data without having to print it out, part of an initiative to eventually go paperless. However,... read more>>

Lack of new IT investment 'holds back small businesses'

Category: Data management

24 September, 2014

Many small businesses are being held back from growing by a lack of investment in technology, a new survey has suggested. The Virgin Media study of the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector found a quarter of them do not expect to see any growth in the next six months. While the poll... read more>>

Government security system 'needs to iron out problems'

Category: Data management

23 September, 2014

The government is developing a new identity system for users, but it appears it needs some work before it can be rolled out. Known as Verify, it involves linking a number of a user's details to a code, which when entered by the user will ask a series of verification questions. However, ac... read more>>

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