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Risks of the 'data lake' revealed

Category: Data archiving

29 July, 2014

Companies have seen a massive increase in the amount of information they are able to collate both on customers and competitors over recent years and this has led to the birth of a new form of information repository - the data lake. Incorporating elements of big data and effective data archiving... read more>>

'Creative measures needed' to protect against data loss

Category: Data recovery

28 July, 2014

Businesses wishing to safeguard their essential information need to get creative when t comes to tackling the myriad threats to security they face on a daily basis. Former assistant secretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security in the US Stewart A Baker told the New York Times that... read more>>

Data destruction processes 'must be traceable'

Category: Data destruction

25 July, 2014

Companies wishing to avoid costly data protection breaches should ensure they effectively remove any potentially sensitive data from old devices before recycling them. Adrian Briscoe, general manager for the Asia-Pacific region at Kroll Ontrack, wrote in a piece for Dynamic Business how many fir... read more>>

Cognisant computing 'to be major application trend'

Category: Data archiving

24 July, 2014

Cognisant computing - the next major phase of cloud development - is set to have a major impact on business IT services in the coming years. This is the view of Jessica Ekholm, research director at Gartner, who stated the practical application of cognisant computing could have a real impact on t... read more>>

Avoid data loss during reorganisation

Category: Data recovery

22 July, 2014

Businesses carrying out mergers and acquisitions need to be acutely aware of the need for strong data recovery practices, as these reorganisations can lead to data loss if staff are not careful. This is the view of head of engineering at Hardware.com Paul Bonner, who wrote in an article for Ch... read more>>

'Massive increase' in EMEA cloud spending

Category: Data recovery

21 July, 2014

Businesses across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are set to invest considerable amounts of money into the provision of cloud-based IT infrastructure this year, new figures have revealed. According to a new study from International Data Corporation (IDC), 2014 has been predicted to wit... read more>>

ICO to publish big data guidelines

Category: Data recovery

17 July, 2014

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has announced plans to implement new guidelines for businesses on the safe management of big data. Deputy commissioner David Smith stated at an event in London this week (July 16th) that effective protection for consumer data must be at the heart o... read more>>

Long-term archiving best practice revealed

Category: Data archiving

16 July, 2014

IT industry expert Brien Posey has issued a number of tips on how companies can get the best out of data archiving infrastructure. Mr Posey told Tech Republic: "Unlike a typical backup, archives must be able to stand the test of time. Given the rapid pace at which IT evolves, longevity ca... read more>>

Customer data 'must be properly protected'

Category: Data recovery

15 July, 2014

Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the sensitive customer data they hold is not placed at risk of loss or exposure, with a number of significant threats currently being seen by firms. Michael Geisler, regional head at Capillary Technologies, told Gulf News ensuring data security is becom... read more>>

Mobile data 'must be properly deleted'

Category: Data destruction

14 July, 2014

Effective data destruction practices should be carried out by businesses that provide mobile handsets to their staff. This is the view of Avast Software, which published a study showing that individuals typically fail to properly wipe the memory of these devices before they are sold on. Ava... read more>>

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