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BYOD risks loss of customer data for UK companies

Category: Data destruction

6 July, 2015

UK companies that allow their employees to use personal devices for work are running the risk of their customers' data being lost or stolen, according to a new study. Conducted by Arlington Research and Acronis in May, the survey - which was published on Wednesday (July 1st) - found that 40 ... read more>>

Kaspersky study shows emotional cost of data loss

Category: Data recovery

3 July, 2015

Today's consumers wouldn't just feel inconvenienced by a data loss event - they may be emotionally devastated as well, according to a new study. Published on Wednesday (July 1st), the Kaspersky Lab report comprised a poll of 6,000 individuals aged 16 and older across Europe. It foun... read more>>

FBI issues ransomware warning

Category: Data recovery

26 June, 2015

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a public service announcement to warn US companies of the high costs associated with crypto-ransomware infection. Crypto-ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts the target's files and demands a ransom fee for their decryption, re... read more>>

Survey shows UK companies slow to respond to security alerts

Category: Data recovery

23 June, 2015

Fewer than a third of UK companies are confident they could remedy major security issues in their computer systems within an hour of discovery. This is according to a new survey, conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Tenable Network Security, in which 200 UK and 200 German organisations were p... read more>>

Watch your supply chain for cyber risks, firms warned

Category: Data recovery

17 June, 2015

Delegates at a major information security event have been warned that weaknesses in their supply chains could be undermining their companies' defence against cybercrime. Speaking at Infosecurity Europe 2015, which was held in London between June 2nd and 4th, Cert-UK director Chris Gibso... read more>>

Enterprises in Europe prefer private cloud, survey shows

Category: Data recovery

15 June, 2015

Private cloud deployments currently command the lion's share of spending on hosting among enterprises in Europe, a new survey has shown. Easynet polled almost 700 IT decision-makers at organisations with 1,000-plus employees across the continent, finding that almost half (47 per cent) prefer... read more>>

Ransomware construction kit explodes on the dark web

Category: Data recovery

10 June, 2015

The emerging crypto-ransomware industry has received a fresh shot in the arm after Tox, an ultra-simple virus construction kit, exploded on the dark web last month. Tox allows would-be cybercriminals to develop their own malware via a basic web interface accessible through the anonymous Tor netw... read more>>

Firms shifting focus from cyber attack prevention to response

Category: Data recovery

9 June, 2015

A new survey has found that firms in Europe are finally shifting focus when it comes to cybercrime and establishing response plans alongside prevention strategies. Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) polled 200 enterprises in the UK, France and Germany, finding that "detect and respond" ca... read more>>

Govt: UK data breach costs have more than doubled since 2014

Category: Data recovery

8 June, 2015

New research from the UK government claims that the average cost of a data breach to a large UK enterprise has more than doubled since 2014, underlining the growing impact of cybercrime on the British economy. Carried out in collaboration with PwC, the 2015 edition of the Department for Business... read more>>

92% of potential data breaches go uninvestigated, study shows

Category: Data destruction

4 June, 2015

More than nine out of ten potential data breaches resulting from lost or stolen devices in the UK go uninvestigated by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), according to a new study. Security vendor ViaSat UK submitted a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to British polic... read more>>

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