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Company cloud security awareness required

Category: Data recovery

24 October, 2014

Businesses operating cloud IT infrastructure need to be aware of the level of security that their critical files currently receive. A new infographic has been published by Business2Community highlighting the considerable growth in cloud computing that has been witnessed in recent years, while al... read more>>

Advanced analytics 'should be a business priority'

Category: Data management

23 October, 2014

Effective data management can provide a significant boost to productivity and profitability for firms and therefore a focus on advanced analytics should be a priority for businesses in the current difficult financial environment. This is the view of Alexander Linden, research director at Gartn... read more>>

Growth in personal devices at work

Category: Data recovery

22 October, 2014

Businesses are running an increasing risk of data breaches as a result of the growing number of employees that are using personal devices for work. New figures published by Gartner have shown that as many as 40 per cent of employees of large enterprises in the US now utilise a personally owned l... read more>>

Average cost of cyber crime increases

Category: Data recovery

21 October, 2014

The typical cost for companies affected by a loss of data through illegal cyber activities has risen in the last five years. HP has published its annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study in association with the Ponemon Institute and revealed that since the report was first published in 2009, the cost to... read more>>

Reduce IT strain through efficient archiving

Category: Data archiving

21 October, 2014

Businesses wishing to ensure their IT infrastructure operates at optimum efficiency should consider the importance of investment in proper data archiving systems and training. A number of best practice tips have been published by Business2Community, with a focus on ensuring firms are getting t... read more>>

Worm risk for IT hardware

Category: Data recovery

20 October, 2014

Businesses need to ensure their IT infrastructure is sufficiently resilient to the latest cyber threats in order to safeguard sensitive customer and commercial data. This is the warning of IT security researcher John Holcomb, who carried out a recent study into vulnerabilities within network att... read more>>

IT security development 'a must for firms'

Category: Data recovery

17 October, 2014

Company bosses must learn to trust their staff when it comes to developing the best measures to improve IT security. This is the view of Brian Lord, managing director of Bristol-based Protection Group International, who told the Bristol Post that company leaders should encourage staff to take ad... read more>>

Businesses 'must overcome consumer mistrust'

Category: Data archiving

16 October, 2014

Companies must rethink their approach to data archiving and the use of sensitive consumer information if they wish to build trust. This is the view of Malcolm Harkins, vice president and chief security and privacy officer at Intel, who has responded to the publication of a new poll carried out... read more>>

Big data driving 'massive data traffic rise'

Category: Data recovery

15 October, 2014

The growth in information volumes being managed at cloud data centres has surged in recent months, with business' big data traffic predicted to reach two-thirds of all data centre processes by 2016. Lawrence Garvin, representative for IT management firm SolarWinds, told ABC.net that this inf... read more>>

SMBs 'fear Wi-Fi network security'

Category: Data recovery

14 October, 2014

A significant proportion of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the UK have cited the fear of network security breaches as a serious concern. Research published by Netgear revealed three-quarters (75 per cent) of UK SMBs now feel access to stable wireless connectivity is essential for... read more>>

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