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UK companies struggle to control data in the cloud, survey says

Category: Data management

2 March, 2015

British businesses are struggling to establish control over employees' use of public cloud services, potentially putting their information at risk of loss or compromise. This is according to Connected Data, which published the results of a survey of 100 UK companies today (March 2nd). It ... read more>>

Security will be key to IoT, says Gartner

Category: Data management , Data recovery

20 February, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most talked-about technological innovations of the moment.  With everyday items set to become increasingly connected, businesses will have access to greater levels of data than ever before. However, Gartner has warned that security will be key to m... read more>>

Cyber criminals steal $1bn from 100 financial institutions worldwide

Category: Data management , Data recovery

19 February, 2015

New research has revealed a sophisticated group of cyber criminals managed to steal $1 billion (£650 million) from 100 financial institutions across the world over the past two years. The theft has been discovered through a combined effort from Kaspersky Lab, Interpol, Europol and authorit... read more>>

CIOs facing unstoppable advancement of digitalisation, says Gartner

Category: Data management

18 February, 2015

Chief information officers (CIOs) across the globe are united in facing the opportunities and challenges thrown up by the digitalisation of the business world. This is according to new research from Gartner, which said this is one of the few key issues all IT leaders have in common. Dave Aron... read more>>

SMBs more focused on data recovery, research shows

Category: Data recovery

17 February, 2015

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are to become increasingly focused on data recovery this year. This is according to new research from Easy Phone Office, which looked into the SMB trends that will impact managed service providers in 2015. It found these organisations are increasingly ... read more>>

Over 1 in 4 phishing attacks target financial data, study finds

Category: Data destruction , Data management

16 February, 2015

A new study has revealed that more than a quarter of phishing attacks target financial data. According to Kaspersky Lab, some 28.8 per cent of phishing attacks in 2014 were carried out with the intention of stealing this information. This form of security breach sees cyber criminals lure user... read more>>

Internet expert warns of potential online data loss

Category: Data destruction , Data recovery

13 February, 2015

A so-called "father of the internet" has warned that huge amounts of online data could be lost in years to come.  Vint Cerf, who is currently a vice-president at Google, said he is worried that as certain technologies become out of date and obsolete, large amounts of data will bec... read more>>

Anthem data breach 'could cost $100 million'

Category: Data destruction , Data management , Data recovery

12 February, 2015

The data breach suffered by US health insurance provider Anthem could have a huge financial impact. According to ZDnet, reports have suggested the fallout of the cyber attack may cost the company as much as $100 million (£65 million). The breach was confirmed by Anthem last week and led... read more>>

Data apps 'represent BYOD security risk'

Category: Data management

11 February, 2015

Employees using dating apps may represent a security risk for companies with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.  This is according to new research from IBM, which analysed 41 of these apps and found 26 had medium or high severity vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 50 per cent of BOYD devices... read more>>

IoT security 'to become major market'

Category: Data archiving , Data recovery

10 February, 2015

A major market is set to develop around security for the Internet of Things (IoT).  This is according to Beecham Research, which has forecast that growth of the IoT will drive revenues from data management and security services to in excess of $1.8 billion (£1.18 billion) by 2020. ... read more>>

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