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Cloud adoption on the rise, IBM says

Category: Data management

13 April, 2012

More and more organisations are implementing cloud computing technology into their business operation to perform a variety of functions, according to IBM Global Business Services.

In particular, there has been a growth in firms using private cloud servers for secure workloads in high volume, as well as public clouds to improve agility, elasticity and consumption-based charging.

"We are beginning to see a shift from infrastructure to the higher value cloud services, particularly Software as a Service (SaaS) which is enabling organisations to transform their business processes," said Helen Stuckey, cloud leader for IBM Global Business Services.

No matter the size of an organisation, they can benefit from the cloud. Smaller operations tend to look at SaaS in order to reduce the need for on-site infrastructure.

Large businesses are increasingly adopting SaaS for customer relationship management, human resources and email. Newer, more innovative solutions are also on the rise, these may include integration and analytics that can be supplied through cloud services.

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